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Qualifying A Seismic Retrofitter

Qualifying A Seismic Retrofitter

Due to changes in the economy, now is the perfect time for Commercial Seismic Retrofit Los Angeles.  Owners will find that construction costs have been reduced from 5-15% over previous years and contractors hungry for work who are willing to compete for your business.

Although many contractors might claim to be experts in Commercial Seismic Retrofit Los Angeles, consumers should know that only a select few could support the claim with evidence.  In competitive times like now, it is important to select a company that offers both good prices as well as quality work to ensure a successful retrofit project.

When comparing proposals for earthquake retrofits or other construction proposals, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  The bidding instructions should be similar and consistent in order to entice like proposals.  Once prices are compared, qualify contractors on other important factors to ensure a successful project.


Not all contractors offer the same types of experience. Working in a building that is occupied and with sensitive tenant operations adds more challenges to the job.  Such projects should be left to the experienced contractor.

Those contractors with experience only in new construction might not have the needed experience to retrofit an occupied building. Experienced retrofit contractors can use methods that are efficient with a minimal disruption to the operations of tenants.

Qualifying a contractor based on past performance in occupied buildings allows the owner to have the project completed at the most competitive price and best performance.  Without qualifying the contractors, owners may find the project has less than positive results.

Insurance Coverage:

Ask the contractor about insurance coverage and limits.  The minimal liability policy should cover the replacement value of the property.  The more coverage a contractor carries the better.  All owner entities should be listed on the certificate as additional insured before the project starts.  In addition, be sure that all paperwork has been executed properly and in a timely manner.  The workers compensation coverage should meet the state minimum.

Safety Mod Rate:

It is important that the contractor provide competitive pricing and ensures that the retrofit work is performed in a safe manner.  The contractor should ensure a safe environment for the tenants’ employees as well as construction workers.  Every contractor has a safety mod rate that reflects his or her safety record from the previous three years.  A contractor that has a lower safety mod rate has the better safety record.  In addition, the owner might want to inquire about training that is provided to employees as well as the Injury and Illness Protection program.

Before awarding a Commercial Seismic Retrofit Los Angeles to a contractor, there are four minimum criteria to qualify the contractor.  Consider the competitive pricing of the job, the experience, the insurance coverage and the positive safety record.  These four areas will help to ensure that the job is done correctly while ensuring the safety of employees and tenants.  While price is an important consideration, it is of no more importance than the other three factors to consider.

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