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Seismic Retrofitting to Maintain Building Safety Codes

Seismic Retrofitting to Maintain Building Safety Codes

One of the worst things commercial landlords can do in order to save money, time, or inconvenience is to allow the buildings they lease to go without renovation for long periods of time.  Standards change over the course of time and some things just wear out. The work it takes to maintain buildings in California includes more than just cosmetic updating and remodeling.  Building codes have changed over time and so renovation requirements often include seismic retrofitting and structural engineering changes.

Many tenants consider the safety and security of the building critical to the day-to-day operations of their businesses.  When tenants feel secure, they typically will remain in occupancy contracts for longer periods. Frequent turnover with tenants can be expensive and harmful to overall property value.  The security of a commercial building should be just as important to the property owner.  When an earthquake happens (and a strong one is expected on the west coast sometime within the next 30 years), it’s not the tenants who are liable for the financial loss or any mortgage on the building.  The property owner will hold the responsibility; therefore, renovating and seismic retrofitting can protect the owner’s assets.

Because building codes and engineering standards are continually being updated, many older buildings on the west coast don’t meet the more stringent current requirements.  In California, many buildings older than ten years may not meet the current state safety codes.  Not only does this impact a building’s insurability, but it also means that the buildings are not strong enough to withstand the forces of a major earthquake.   Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit, which offers retrofitting services throughout the Los Angeles area, has a number of solutions to offer if you are considering building renovations. The original construction method used has a direct affect on the solutions Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit can offer and, upon request, experts will complete a thorough evaluation and provide renovation suggestions, along with a cost analysis.

Often commercial landlords who use seismic retrofitting to maintain buildings hesitate to bring in work crews to an occupied office space.  If you choose an experienced expert, you can expect great results with minimal disruptions.  In fact, it’s quite possible to maintain excellent tenant relations during seismic retrofitting.  Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit offers a one-of-a-kind Six Star Tenant Service Program that calls for close collaboration with building tenants to minimize disruptions in the workplace and to ensure that normal business operations remain intact.

If your building is historical, the choice of an expert contractor becomes even more critical. In many jurisdictions, owners of historical buildings are responsible to maintain their historical properties in accordance with city, county or state historical society guidelines. These organizations have a very low tolerance for any damage or modification to the building’s structure, interior or facade. One of the best times to complete a seismic retrofitting project for an historical building is during a renovation project.  Strengthening a building to withstand the seismic forces of an earthquake will help to ensure the preservation of the area’s history for many years to come.  Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit employs only full-time team members with an average of three to ten years of experience and who possess the necessary expertise for construction on historical buildings.

To get more information on how to maintain buildings to more current California codes with seismic retrofitting, call Saunders Commercial Seismic Retrofit today!

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